Testimonials - Eric Standop


Ric Elias - Eric Standop - Face Reader - Face Reading Academy


Eric is a master of perception and interpretation. His ability to identify and communicate what the face tells about oneself is uncanny, and his consultations are detailed, thorough, and always mind-blowing. He has taught me a lot about life and people. Eric has been invaluable to our leadership team to help us better understand ourselves and what the faces of others reveal.

Ric Elias - Co-founder & CEO Red Ventures

Alex Cohen - Eric Standop - Face Reader - Face Reading Academy


I was a little nervous about meeting Eric at first as I didn’t know what to expect, but he made me feel very comfortable and explained everything he was doing. He looked at me and he really “saw me”, he knew things about me that I myself had never shared with anyone. This is not fortune telling, it was like reading a map of experience on my face. A map of where I had been and what I was capable of going forward. I hope to one day see myself as clearly and honestly as Eric saw me that one session.

Alex Cohen - Owner NY Mets and President of Steve & Alex Cohen Foundation


We recently had Eric Standop conduct a Face Reading workshop for a group of high level entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Valley. We followed up the group workshop with individual face reading sessions. All who attended, found the sessions to be fascinating, insightful, and beyond any expectations that they had for the day. Eric provides deep insights, accurate assessments, and food for thought around all areas of a person's life. Anyone fortunate enough to spend time with him, will not be disappointed.

Meyer Malka - Founder & Managing Partner, Ribbit Capital

Lee Woodruff - Eric Standop - Face Reader - Face Reading Academy


I was skeptical and a little nervous to meet Eric for our first session but after five minutes I was captivated. He told me things about myself that he couldn't have learned anywhere else. His reading was fascinating. He has a seamless way of clarifying the past, and connecting it with the present and future, that it felt like traveling through all the mysteries of myself across the years. I saw and understood myself more clearly, and my session with Eric was an experience I will not forget.

Lee Woodruff Founder & CEO Woodruff Communications


Eric helped my team learn to be vulnerable with each other, i.e. by allowing what Eric saw to be shared with in the group. They actually learned that they were all human and more visible than they understood themselves to be. Being ‘seen’ is a powerful tool when building a cohesive team. It was game changing for my team to discover that they can help each other accomplish this after Eric’s sessions.

Sakurako Fisher President of San Francisco Symphony

Jordan Shlain - Eric Standop - Face Reader - Face Reading Academy


Eric Standop is a genuine, authentic human being. His knowledge and skills are delightfully preternatural and remarkably insightful.  His ability to see into someone's life can help doctors gain insight into the nuances of diagnosis and treatment.

Jordan Shlain MD Founder & CEO of Private Medical

Pamela Meyer - Eric-Standop - Face Reader - Face Reading Academy


I love Eric's work. It is fascinating and he has traveled the world to bring hidden secrets of the face to us all.

Pamela Meyer CEO of Calibrate, Author and Fraud Detection Expert

Jonathan Ellenthal - Eric Standop - Face Reader - Face Reading Academy


I admit that I was a little skeptical when I first agreed to have my face read, but I'm generally open to anything that can help me understand myself better. Not only did I love Eric's face reading session and all the feedback and insights I got, but I was fascinated by the history of face reading. It's been practiced for thousands of years across many cultures. One of the best decisions I made was to record my session and have it transcribed. I urge everyone to do that. It's great to go back and re-read what Eric had to say. I've also shared the transcript with friends and family, and every one of them tell me that Eric nailed it.

Jonathan Ellenthal - Former CEO of Synapse Group, Founder, Board Member, Entrepreneur and Investor