Mentorship - Eric Standop



As a consultant and mentor, Eric stands by your side.

With his experience and skills as a facereader, he can be the navigator for your life.

On this page, you'll learn everything about the mentorship program.


The mentorship program includes 4 elements:

1. Personal Growth
In a facereading, specific life themes always crystallize that are important for the next step in your own development. As a mentor, Eric accompanies you and helps you organize your thoughts, overcome fears, and harness potentials.

2. Life Purpose & Business
When it comes to your career planning and professional life, Eric can be your navigator. If you're running a business, Eric assists you with tasks as an entrepreneur or CEO, such as vision, strategy, team leadership, negotiations, and much more.

3. All About Life
How's your personal life? What challenges are you facing in terms of family, friends, or relationships of any kind? No matter which private topic occupies or blocks you, Eric is available to provide guidance and inspiration.

4. Facereading
Naturally, with Eric as your mentor, you can also delve much deeper into face reading. He teaches you the hidden knowledge and practical application in everyday life.

Eric as Advisor & Mentor

Over the years, Eric has traveled to over 22 countries as a face reader and read over 15,000 people. Among them were many businesspeople, well-known figures in politics and showbiz, leadership teams, private companies, HR managers, negotiation partners, and numerous other decision-makers.

He has additionally provided intensive and ongoing support and advice to some of them, leading them to significant changes, growth, and unfolding.

His ability not only to read people but also to convey useful information about individuals, especially in a professional context, makes him a valuable resource and a strategic partner for his clients worldwide.


Mentoring with Eric comes in 2 models:

Junior Mentorship
  • 1 mentoring session in person per month (or alternatively online, depending on feasibility)
  • Direct access to Eric via his private WhatsApp
  • Reachability a maximum of 1-2 times per week (more often in times of emergency or acute growth stimuli)


If you're interested in the mentorship program with Eric Standop, fill out the application form.

Let Eric know:

  • Who you are & what you do
  • In which areas & on which topics Eric can support you as a mentor
  • For which mentorship (Junior or Executive) you want to apply

    Interested in


    What does the mentorship cost?
    Exact prices will be provided after the application process.

    Am I committed to the mentorship for a longer period?
    No, the mentorship can be ended by you (or Eric) at any time.There's no minimum duration, notice period, or other contractual obligations. You can exit anytime.This is important to Eric as he doesn't want anyone (including himself!) to stay in the mentorship program against their will.

    Can I really contact Eric anytime?
    Yes, you can 🙂. And Eric will generally respond promptly. Of course, a certain degree of moderation and common sense applies. In the Junior Mentorship, we ask you to contact Eric a maximum of 1-2 times per week. In times of emergency, more contact is allowed.

    Is Eric my coach in the mentorship?
    No, Eric is not a coach. He is more of an advisor and idea giver. He accompanies you, provides impulses, and makes his experience available to you. In the end, you always decide which advice to accept and implement – and which not. Which impulse to follow and where you need more clarity and inspiration.

    How many mentees does Eric accept?
    In the executive mentorship, Eric accepts a maximum of 8 mentees. Typically, you need to plan some time and wait until a spot becomes available again.